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How To Plan A Well Rounded Fitness Workout

Elements of a Well Rounded Fitness Workout

One problem that most of us have to face while planning for an exercise routine is to find the right fitness workout plan. When we join a gym, most of us start imitating what others are doing, without even understanding the reason for performing a certain exercise. Here, we are going to give you an idea about a well-rounded fitness workout plan, so that you can have a well-balanced exercise routine. Some of its elements are:


Strength Training: Improving your muscle strength is a key component of a well-rounded fitness workout. It can not only increase your muscle and bone strength, but also help in losing and managing weight. It can also improve your stamina to perform every day activities. Make sure that the strength training exercises you are choosing involve all the major muscles of your body.

You can use resistance machines, exercise tools, and free weights to do some strength training exercises. You can use your own body’s weight also to build strength, such as pushups, pullups, leg squats, abdominal crunches, etc.


Aerobics: Also known as endurance exercises or cardio workout, aerobics is one of the most integral parts of any fitness workout program. Aerobic exercises make your breath faster and deeper, due to which your blood receives the maximum amount of oxygen possible. These exercises make your heart beat faster, thereby increasing flow of blood to your muscles all through the body. The more oxygen your body has, the easier it would be for you to carry out your every day tasks.

Aerobics include any physical activities that increase your heartrate and use your bigger muscle groups. Walking, biking, jogging, dancing, swimming, even snow shoveling, vacuuming, and leaf raking are effective forms of aerobic activities. On an average, you must get at least 75 to 150 minutes of moderate to rigorous exercise every week. Start off small and increase the duration and intensity over time as your stamina increases.


Balance Training: No matter your age, balance training exercises can help in maintaining your balance which usually deteriorates with age. This is why older people are more prone to falls, trips and fractures. With proper balance exercises, older adults can stay independent by preventing falls. However, even young people can benefit from these exercises, as they are also helpful in stabilizing the core muscles. Standing on one leg for a few minutes is one of the best exercises for improving overall balance and stability. Activities like tai chi are also proven to promote balance at any age.


Core Exercises: The muscles of your lower back, pelvis and abdomen are known as core muscles. These are responsible for protecting your back and connecting your lower and upper body movements. So, core exercises are a vital part of a complete fitness workout program.

By strengthening your core, you can keep your spine stable, and use your lower and upper body muscles more efficiently. Try any exercise that involves your trunk without support, like bridges, sit ups, planks, and exercises on the fitness ball.


Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of improving your physical fitness. That’s why it is extremely useful to include flexibility activities in your fitness workout program. These exercises are helpful in increasing your body’s flexibility, so that it becomes easier for you to perform your everyday activities. Activities like Yoga are highly effective in promoting flexibility.


Stretching: Stretching is an extremely useful activity to promote good posture, improve range of motion in the joints, and enhance flexibility. Doing stretching regularly can also be helpful in relieving tension and stress. Stretch your muscles after each workout, as your muscles are still warm at this time and receive the effects of stretching in a better way. But if you are stretching before your workout, then warm up your body first by exercising for 5-10 minutes.

Whether you are creating your own fitness workout plan or you are hiring a personal trainer to guide you, it should include all these elements and much more to give you the desired benefits. Fitting all of them is not necessary, but including some of them into your regular workout routine can promote your fitness for life.


Wearing the Right Fitness Clothes During Workout

Getting regular exercise is significant for overall physical and mental health, but you won’t be able to get the best of benefits if you don’t wear the right fitness clothes while exercising. The clothes that you wear can have significant impact on your performance. Apart from getting you into the mood of exercising, the right fitness clothes offer a host of other advantages too.


  • Improved breathability: You are going to sweat a lot while exercising, and the appropriate clothes made up of breathable fabrics can wick away sweat and moisture, and keep you dry and cool to enhance your overall workout experience. Such kind of fabric will also be resistant against bacterial growth, so that you don’t smell like fish during your workout.


  • Environmental protection: The fitness clothes that you wear can also protect you from the environmental elements. These clothes can keep your body cool even while exercising in the hot summer sun. They prevent you from getting overheated during summers. In the winter months, these clothes can keep you warm while maintaining ventilation.


  • Comfort: One of the primary benefits of wearing fitness workout clothes is comfort. While exercising, you would never want to wear shoes or clothes that are not comfortable while moving your body. Wrong shoes can cause blisters on your feet, a tight sports bra can dig into your back, and wrong shorts can rub against your body to irritate your thighs. So, choose something that you are comfortable in, that you feel confident in, and that does not affect your performance at all.


  • Improved range of motion: It’s true, working out in a skinny pair of jeans is not possible. It is not breathable, and definitely not comfortable. Most importantly, it does not provide you the range of motion you require to do your workout. For optimum performance, choose flexible fitness clothes that allow your body to move freely.


If you want to get the most out of your fitness workout, include the exercise types mentioned above, and choose the right clothes that can keep you comfortable and movable during your exercise routine.

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