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About Us

Exercise is an effective way to prevent injuries, strengthen your body, build a strong mind, and improves focus. 

We have always been advocates of a healthy, active lifestyle. We understand how important it is for anyone to engage in any form of exercise. This does not only help us avoid illnesses (such as cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal problems, among others) but it’s also a good natural source of happy hormones. 

In line with that, we also understand that aside from health, engaging in an active lifestyle makes us feel better about ourselves. Aside from a sense of achievement and accomplishment, embracing an active lifestyle has a positive psychological effect on how we view ourselves. In women, while we embrace all body types, feeling sexy is beyond how someone looks, but most importantly, it’s how confident we are about our self-image. 

FabCurve is a company founded with a mission to provide the best quality active wear for women at a friendly price. We envision a community of women who are not only fit and healthy but also look fabulous, chic, and stylish. Our products are well-made and can withstand whatever activities you’re engaged in. 

Whether you’re doing yoga, running, cycling, cross-training, and most other sweaty pursuits, or simply just want to strut it out as part of your casual wear, FabCurve’s active wear line will be there to make you look and feel beautiful.